Thing 14 Podcasts

This Podcast is about words and things…

yay! This time I managed to include a link.

I don’t think I have to add an acknowledgement…

As for making use of podcasts in my teaching, I think there’s lots of potential. I could get students to listen to a thought-provoking podcast instead of (or as well as) a pre-reading. Alternatively I could get them to make podcasts as an alternative format for assessment.








Thing 13 Video

So I just signed up with Vimeo. I managed to get registered really easily. I  searched for “gardens” and found a video of a lovely Zen Garden.


I also found a man with his willie showing (in a garden) and a woman who seemed to be trying to look sexy (in a garden). That’s the kind of surprise I can do without.

A nice surprise was the Lynda logo: a woman (Lynda, presumably) who looks a bit geeky .





Blog Post 10 wikimedia

This has been my favourite “thing” so far. I use wikipedia all the time, but I hadn’t realised how easy it is to contribute. One thing I learned was that most contributions are from males under 30. Well here’s one female over 55 who’s going to help with the editing.

I can imagine a world in which wikipedia didn’t exist, and I’d be saying “Wouldn’t it be great if ordinary people all over the world took part in a project to share knowledge that was free and fun…..”




Blog post 9 Copyright

This image is BY, which mean I have 9297648644_5dbc769101_qpermission to use it so long as I attribute it (see below) and don’t alter it in any way (I haven’t) This is the basic, “generic” licence, I think.

So the source was thriftylook:

But what about  creativatinspace .com, that is mentioned on the image, but not accredited by thrifty look. And, for that matter, what about Albert Einstein?


I found this videoclip in a Creative Commons search, BUT I can’t find any info about licencing…..



Blogpost 8 : Collaborate

I’ve had a look at Collaborate Ultra and I’ve decided to give it another go.

It has a lot of potential to get groups of people learning from and teaching each other. I’ve tried it in the past but haven’t really had enough experience to get familiar and comfortable with it. But now I’m going to really give it a go. Wish me luck…